Banana Unicorn's & Vegan Eats


(Artwork by Brandon Minded


"Lets try a new place together today!" 

And so we did!

It only felt fitting for a day off with a new friend. New vibes all around. Just what the vegan doctor ordered. 

Angelica and I met up at Taraccino Coffee  this afternoon for some much needed girl time/ vent sesh. (Oh don't act like you don't need one of those every once in a while. ) When you can open up to someone, without feeling like your "dumping" all over them, thats a rare find in my opinion. :) 

We talked about everything from the typical "boy talk", to veganism, family, life, and changes we both recently have gone through. (The good, and the bad.) 

But enough about that! Get to the food! 

We both had recently heard about the new Herbivorous Butcher products featured at the coffee shop and thought we would give it a try! 

If you haven't heard of The Herbivorous Butcher, first off... I feel bad for you... and second, they are an all vegan, plant-based butcher shop based out of Minneapolis, MN. 

They offer a variety of vegan foods and goods! (Including PLNT BSD beanies! ) 

If your ever in the area, I would always recommend the huli huli ribs, the feta cheese, and of course the salt n' peppa jerky! 

Back to Taraccino Coffee house! 

Angelica ordered the maple "bacon" sandwich with a side of veggie chips! 

And I got the mushroom "swiss" salad and added the shredded "chicken" for extra flavor! #WorthIt 

I gotta say, the lemon balsamic dressing was a game changer! At one point, we were dipping our veggie chips! (Next time, i'll take some togo please) :) 

I don't want to speak for Angelica, but if I had to assume, I think we would both recommend Taraccino Coffee shop for the relaxed atmosphere, a light vegan lunch, and of course the coffee! 

Rumor has it, the waffles may soon be vegan as well! ;) 

Thanks Taraccino for the good food, and Angelica for the good vibes!

 (and to Laura, for sharing the new info!)

Until next time,